Today's Cotillion is now

Cotillion and Etiquette Classes for Everyone

Today's Manners Cotillion

is the perfect balance of socialization and education that appeals to the typical teenager.  So what is the modern twist?  Today's Manners Cotillion is a non-traditional cotillion that is open to anyone, it is inexpensive, and it offers a no-frills approach to instruction.  It is not a Debutante Ball nor is it Middle School Madness--rather it is the point where the two might intersect.  The classes are fun, educational, structured, and supervised.  During the lessons of each 90-minute session, young people will learn useful social skills and popular dance steps, all while having an enjoyable evening with others in their age group.

"Dancing is by no means the point of cotillion.  Rather, it serves as a vehicle for students to practice the skills they are learning.  While dancing with a partner, students practice eye contact, conversation, teamwork--all while building the confidence necessary when interacting with their peers."  --Joanna Kunz, Director

Students will learn skills that they can put to use in everyday life.  They will learn how to meet and greet individuals they might encounter in their young lives:  a new classmate, a friend's parents, or a new teacher.  They will learn the importance of acknowledging the receipt of a gift with a personal note, e-mail, or phone call.   And, other topics such as body language, eye contact, social media, and table manners will also be introduced.  Young people today should learn manners that are relevant to them and can be put into practice anywhere and anytime in their daily lives.   Today's Manners Cotillion teaches them simple everyday etiquette and also provides a much needed social venue outside of school and off of the playing field.

Unlike traditional cotillions, Today's Manners Cotillion is NOT an invitation-only event--it is open to any student in grades 6 through 9.  Dates, rates, and registration information for the 2021 Fall Session will be posted in August.  Not sure about a full session?  Sign your child up for the free Preview Night which is held prior to the start of each session.  At Preview Night, students can give cotillion a trial run with no strings attached.  The link for Preview Night registration can be found just prior to the start of each session on the Register page. Currently, due to COVID-19, cotillion classes are not being held. 

*full and partial scholarships are available.  Please e-mail Joanna Kunz at for information.