What People are Saying.....

"I never imagined that my son would gain such confidence in a short period of time!"

"My child did not want to go to cotillion so I bargained with him to attend the Preview Night and encouraged some of his friends to go.  When I picked the carpool up after the Preview, I couldn't believe that they were the same children I had dropped off earlier!  They went from complaining about going to talking about who else they could invite to join them."

"Cotillion was so much fun!  I got to see my friends and met so many new people. 

I can't wait for the next session!"

"My child was extremely hesitant to go to cotillion the first night. 

But after that, he was excited to go to every class."

"Mrs. Kunz clearly relates to preteens and teenagers. 

They come out of class chattering nonstop about what they have done that night. 

She makes it fun and educational."

"My daughter has now been through three sessions of cotillion.  She just can't get enough!

And the growth in her confidence is unbelievable.  Cotillion is so much more than dancing."

"When my parents told me about cotillion, I thought it would be boring.  Boy, was I wrong!"