"Cotillion is a wonderful confidence-builder for this age young person!  It forces them to put down their phones and focus on face to face conversation.  I was amazed at the change in my son in such a short amount of time."--7th grade parent

Today's Manners Cotillion

is the perfect balance of socialization and education that appeals to the typical teenager.  During each 90-minute class, young people in grades 7 through 9 will learn useful social skills and popular dance steps, all while having an enjoyable evening with their peers.  There are two sessions of cotillion per year--one in the fall and one in the spring.  Preview Night and Session dates are posted in January and August.

"Dancing is by no means the point of cotillion.  Rather, it serves as a vehicle for students to practice the skills they are learning.  While dancing with a partner, students practice eye contact, conversation, teamwork--all while building the confidence necessary when interacting with their peers."  --Joanna Kunz, Director

In cotillion students learn skills they will use for the rest of their lives.  Topics include:

*First Impressions

*Meeting and Greeting

*Eye Contact and Body Language


*Showing Appreciation

*Social Media Dos and Don'ts

*Table Manners

Today's Manners Cotillion teaches simple everyday etiquette and also provides a much needed social venue outside of school and off of the playing field.  Today's Manners Cotillion is NOT an invitation-only event--it is open to any student in grades 7 through 9. 

*full and partial scholarships are available.  Please e-mail Joanna Kunz at info@todaysmanners.com for information.