Attire for Cotillion Classes

& Guided Etiquette Dinners

While many places have grown to accept the "dress down" philosophy similar to "casual Friday" in the workplace, we believe that dressing for success is something that needs to be practiced from an early age.  Research has proven that individuals who dress better, feel better about themselves and exude an air of confidence.  By requiring the students to adhere to a dress code for cotillion and etiquette dinners, we are providing them with an opportunity to present themselves in their best light.


Attire during regular classes for the boys is collared shirts, long pants, belt, loafers or casual shoes.  Athletic shoes, boots, sandals, flip-flops, or Crocs are not allowed.  For semi-forma events, boys should wear a dress shirt with a necktie or bowtie, slacks, a belt, and dress shoes or loafers.  A suit coat or sport jacket is recommended but not required for attendance.


For the girls, recommended attire during regular classes and dinners is knee-length* dresses or skirts, dress slacks, blouses or tops with sleeves, and comfortable flat or low-heeled shoes which are secure at the heel, and white gloves.  Jeans and leggings are not dress slacks.  Dress slacks are loose-fitting pants that fall into the category of business attire.  Gloves will be available for purchase for $10 a pair from the instructor on the first night of cotillion.  At semi-formal events girls may wear floor-length, tea-length, or any dress with a hemline falling to the knee.  Please, no strapless dresses or dresses with trains...they are not appropriate for dancing.  Dresses with spaghetti straps or cap sleeves are permitted.  No bare backs, bare midriffs, or side cut-outs, please.  When searching online or elsewhere for dresses, use the keywords "Junior Bridesmaid Dress". These dresses are both simple and age-appropriate for cotillion. 


*Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for explanation