Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What happens if no one asks my daughter to dance at cotillion?

A:  You can breathe a sigh of relief, because this DOES NOT HAPPEN!  One of the primary rules of cotillion is that everyone participates and no one can refuse a dance.  On occasion, when there are absences that cause uneven numbers, students might sit out on an alternating basis.  These students are identified by the instructor prior to the dance and take their turn "sitting out" for one song.  Even then, frequently these students get to "tap in" and dance for a portion of the song.

Q:  Will I dance with the same partner every time?

A:  Of course not!  You will have the opportunity to dance with everyone during the course of the session.  This is a very important part of cotillion because students need to learn to interact with a variety of people.

Q:  Why is there a dress code?

A:  A dress code ensures that everyone in the class is at the same comfort level.  Girls wear gloves because it is a cotillion tradition...not to mention the fact that it helps prevent the spread of germs!  Boys dress in more casual attire during the lessons because what used to be your "Sunday best" has changed with the times.  Still, it is important to learn to dress for success!

Q:  Why is it recommended that girls wear knee-length dresses/skirts?

A:  While we realize that it is increasingly difficult to find appropriate length dresses and skirts for the girls, there are several reasons knee-length is the recommended length.  First and foremost is the fact that the girls sit directly across the room from the boys.  Short skirts are simply not an appropriate choice while the girls are learning how to sit properly.  And, as the classes progress, we teach a number of turns that require the girls to lift their arms over their heads.  This movement in itself temporarily shortens the hemline and may cause embarrassment if the skirt is too short in the first place.

Q:  What happens if my child is absent and misses a class?

A:  Not a problem!  There are always students who might miss a class during the course of the session due to illness, family committment, or other previous obligations.  We review prior material at the beginning of every class and the other students are particularly helpful in getting those that were absent caught up.

Q:  Can my child enroll for more than one session?

A:  Absolutely!  We encourage students to take more than one session of cotillion.  There are many students who take cotillion for multiple sessions.  We vary the content during the year to allow for repeat students.  It is amazing the growth in confidence students display after taking two, three, and even four sessions of cotillion.

Q:  What types of music do you use?
A:  We use all types of music...from Top 40 to Country to Oldies.  The songs have to have great rhythm for dancing and all lyrics are screened prior to use.  Most students are surprised at the variety of music we play.  There is definitley something for everyone's taste.